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Nyeri women vow to drive sex workers out

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 - 00:00 -- BY WAMBUGU KANYI

NYERI women yesterday accused commercial sex workers of invading the town and "stealing" their men.

More than 30 women are planning to drive the twilight girls out claiming they are spreading sexually transmitted diseases.

The women said the sex workers have taken their men and they are left cold and lonely on their marital beds.

They claim the prostitutes have rented rooms in a lodging near a bar based at the lower bus stage and are luring their sons and husbands to pay Sh 150 and above for sex.

The women led by Priscilla Wanjira said parents are worried since the sex workers who dress scantily have created a brothel in the town where secondary school and university students go for cheap sex instead of concentrating on their studies.

Wanjira said even primary school children have fallen into the traps taking advantage of the ongoing teachers' strike.

“We pay a lot of money in school fees for our children only to hear that part of the money ends up here. We are tired of the prostitutes and very soon we shall drive them out of this town,” Wanjira said.

“This is a big shame to the town. They should apply for Youth Enterprise Funds and start other income generating projects instead of selling their bodies,” Margaret Wangari said.

Jecinta Wangari urged Nyeri governor Nderitu Gachagua and police officers to take steps to end the menace.

The more than 20 young commercial sex workers begin work as early as 8am.

Many men claim they have also lost their mobile phones, personal effects and money to the sex workers after engaging in sexual affairs with them.

Most of the men come from Thika, Meru, Nakuru and Nairobi.

Businessmen who operate bars in the area have complained that the twilight girls have ruined their businesses.