Friday, Feb 27th 2015

Locals demand to 'teach Embu pastor a lesson'

Friday, February 7, 2014 - 00:00 -- BY REUBEN GITHINJI
NARROW ESCAPE: Embu KAG church pastor Anthony Maina?s car is towed to the Embu police station on Wednesday.Photo/Reuben Githinji
NARROW ESCAPE: Embu KAG church pastor Anthony Maina?s car is towed to the Embu police station on Wednesday.Photo/Reuben Githinji
NARROW ESCAPE: Police officers guard the church.
NARROW ESCAPE: Police officers guard the church.

The police in Embu on Wednesday prevented irate residents from burning an Embu pastor’s car after he was caught with a married wife.

 Angry residents invaded the Embu town’s Kenya Assembly of God church after Antony Maina arrived from a lodging in Nyeri, where he had allegedly been making love with the woman.

 Witnesses said immediately residents saw the car registration No KBT 756 V being driven in the church’s compound after the widely televised love saga they gathered there and attempted to flush him out.

 The witnesses said the pastor fled through the back door leaving the residents attempting to break into the compound to burn the car.

 On realising the danger that was hovering on the church some leaders called the police for protection as the crowd swelled up.

 Anti riot police officers from the Embu Police station led by Deputy OCS Dominic Nduto Muoki arrived armed with guns and guarded the church.

 The police then called a breakdown which towed the car to the Embu police station where it will remain for protection from the irate residents.

 During the incident the residents were shouting that they wanted to lynch him and burn the car for disobeying God and turning against his flock instead protecting them.

 “The pastor should be taught a lesson for disobeying God! Let us deal with him! He need to be stoned to death. Shame on him!” shouted the residents.

 Other church leaders who were in the compound tried in vain to plead with the crowd from destroying properties within the church but the crowd insisted that they had to deal with him.

 Learning at a nursery school with in the church was also disrupted.

Police officers were also forced to guard the children who were quite scarred of the goings on over things that they could not understand.

As the car was being lifted with pulley chains on the break down the chains broke several times causing the crowd to shout that it’s the pastor who was sending his alleged evil spirits to prevent it from being towed away.

 The drama turned even entertaining after the land lover was unable to start forcing another one to be brought in before it pulled both the break down and the pastor’s car.

The irate residents tried in to pursue the car but the police threatened to shot them before they succeeded in reaching the police.

 The pastor was caught red- handed having an affair with the pastor in Nyeri before the woman’s husband who is allegedly his faithful ejected him out before he fled back to Embu.